Top Funny Quotes : Let’s assume lesbians “overcome” their “transphobia” and start dating trans women

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Who benefits from this?

Lesbian women:

  • can’t talk about periods because it “triggers” trans women
  • can’t talk about their vaginas because it “triggers” trans women
  • can’t talk about issues in other parts of the female reproductive system because cissexism, transphobia and it “triggers” trans women
  • can’t talk about how they don’t like penises because it hurts trans womens feelings
  • can’t talk about their attraction to female body parts because not every female has [insert body part] and it may hurt trans womens feelings
  • has to overcome her sexual boundaries because penises are “female organs”
  • [insert more]

It would be a constant walk on eggshells. They would be always at risk of getting called a cisbian/cissexist/transphobe and so on. We know how gendershits react if you say the “wrong” things. It can be very dangerous.

So who benefits from all this?? Hint: Not lesbians

I’m a trans woman in a relationship with a girl. 

– When she talks about her period, I listen. If she is on her period, I offer her support and try to make her comfortable in any ways I can. I’ve thought a thousand times about how I don’t have a female reproductive system, I’m quite used to it – the word ‘period’ isn’t going to upset me. All it means is I can’t talk from experience about periods, so I might start to feel uncomfortable in social situations where such discussion is taking place.

– We have frequent discussions about vaginas, the female reproductive system, issues that target women with a female reproductive system, and about the female body and how beautiful it is. It doesn’t trigger me. At most, it makes me slightly impatient for the later stages of my transition.

– My partner doesn’t particularly dislike penises, but if she told me she doesn’t like them, my response would be something like “me neither.”

– If my partner’s sexual boundaries excluded penises then I would be fine with that, there are plenty of other ways in which to enjoy each other’s bodies. 

And the whole egg shells things – Yes, there are many sensitive issues that I have, and I do often get upset about things while my girlfriend is around. For example I was watching her get dressed, and I noticed how well clothes fit her, then I got upset about how my proportions don’t lend themselves so well to female clothing. But I wasn’t there calling her transphobic for getting dressed in front of me? I wasn’t blaming her for how I was feeling? 
Everybody has sensitive issues, it would be difficult to find a partner who doesn’t have at least a couple of issues that might come up in day to day life; just because trans women may have a concentration of these issues around certain areas doesn’t mean we aren’t viable as female partners? 

I’m not saying every trans woman is the same as me (though, looking at other comments people have made, many of us seem to have a similar outlook), what I’m saying is that any number of these supposed reasons may or may not apply to any given trans woman, so they aren’t not reasons enough to rule out trans women as potential partners.

It still stands that for a lesbian (or anyone who dates women) to say, outright, that they don’t date trans women, is transphobic. Even if your standard of woman, or the types of women you’re attracted to might rule out many trans women, there are thousands of trans women whom you wouldn’t know aren’t cis without being told, so to rule those out just because they’re trans is definitely transphobic.

To conclude, all your points are flawed and you need to learn some things. 

I’m a cis girl attracted to girls. I am in a relationship with a trans women

– When I’m on my period curled up in pain, she curled around me and tells me she would take the pain away if she could. She gets me a hot drink and chocolate and watches films with me. I don’t hide it from her, she knows how her body works and she’s getting use to how mine works. Not every women has periods, trans or cis. 

– We are in a sexual relationship of course we’re going to talk about vaginas, aside from this we talk in general if she has any questions I’ll answer them.  

– I don’t have an issue with penises. If I did there are plent of other sexual ‘adventures’ you can have with people. 

– Why can’t I talk about an attraction to ‘female’ body part? She’s with a girl she clearly appreciates them too! 

As the women above stated my girlfriend has somethings she will get upset about, I know what these are and try to minimise her upset. I know she thinks she’s too tall and wishes she was closer to my height. No matter what happens she can’t change her height, I tell her how amazing her height is, I try to help her accept who she is. She’s got beautiful long legs every time we are out and she’s got her legs out and heels on people approach her and tell her how jealous of her legs they are, sometimes it’s small steps to acceptance that helps her.  

Stop generalising trans women. So what if someone other than you benefits from something? 

I love my gorgeous girlfriend. 

Many many many women love transwomen, again as the lady said above refusing to date a trans person is transphobic. End of story.  

I love how cis and trans lesbians came in and ripped this transphobe apart.

Is op alive?

Yes, 911? I just witnessed a murder.

i hate transphobes. they are literally the worst. they’re also dumb as shit. like, their arguments make no sense. like, where do you draw the line for womanhood? not all cis women have periods, or breasts, or a uterus or vagina. so if you don’t have to have those parts to be a cis woman, why would a trans woman have to?

not all cis women produce estrogen. some of them use store-bought, some of them don’t have it at all. if that doesn’t make them not women, why would it make trans women not women?

without doing extensive testing, we have no idea how many cis women have xx chromosomes. but we do know that cis women don’t all have xx chromosomes.

where do you draw the line? i’ll tell you. the circle is labeled “women” and the people who go inside that circle are the people who say they are women

Also to throw this in there, a while after I came out my mom sat me down and told me something she hadn’t told me or my siblings before, we were adopted because my mom was born without a uterus or vaginal canal and had to have a vaginiplasty, she takes the same hormones I do everyday, and she gets extremely uncomfortable when talking about periods or vaginas because of her situation, this is a cis woman who has never had her womanhood questioned in her life, she would never get put into the category of “not woman “ because that’s obviously what she is because that’s what she’s comfortable living as, so the question where do you draw the line for “woman” always makes me think of her, and how given many of your definitions you would be saying she’s not a woman, and it makes it clear just how many women you’re willing to throw under the bus for your own bigoted agenda

It’s always delightful to watch transphobes get ripped to pieces by the people they say they’re ‘defending’ bwahaha