Top Funny Quotes : LGBT pride month is soon!Here’s a calendar of my own to show who can celebrate on what days!

Top Funny Quotes




I think you forgot some..

-Queer (or questioning)




-There are probably more but that’s what the + is for

-Q*eer isn’t an identity, it’s a slur LGBT ppl can reclaim as a political statement. i “forgot” it for a reason

-Pan people are LGBT and i include them under the B, i know critical thinking is hard but it helps

-Ace/Aro are not lgbt identities and i “forgot” them for a reason, this post is for the lgbt community only and ace/aro people can be cishet. the community is for everyone who experiences systemic homophobia and transphobia

-i’m non binary and the non binary identity is included under trans, that’s what the white stripe on the flag is for

-there are no more and there is no plus, grow up soon